Avoid Waiting Lines With SmartWait™ mobile app

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While Disney overestimates the waiting time in queues to give a nice surprise to guests, Burger King goes a step further with a game app to win the right to skip the queue, but especially in order to reduce the perceived waiting time. This use of the smartphone in thequeues is appropriate, since more than one person in two uses his phone while waiting. However, more than just offer to use it while waiting, it is possible to use it to manage the queue: this is called the virtual queuing.

 Waiting conditions and virtual ticket

The application SmartWait allows to save time for customers and receive them whenever they want.

The mobile application provides many features to customers:

  • Getting the waiting time conditions for each department in real time.
  • Indicate the time they want to come in and take a virtual ticket in the queue.
  • Move forward their arrival time, postpone or simply cancel.
  • Receive an alert when their turn approaches

And appointments booking

smartwait ENMore than a virtual ticket, SmartWait even offers to make an appointment from a smartphone. The customer receives a confirmation of the appointment and a reminder to be received by the advisor. Finally, in the health industry, where appointments are the general policy, this kind of application system tends to develop.

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