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Reading the title of this article, you may have thought that we were going to delve into the work of American author Edgar Allan Poe or you understood that we were going to discuss Powered Over Ethernet technology, or POE. More concretely, it is a method of supplying electrical equipment that allows the use of only an RJ45 cable.

POE – Foreword

POE technology enables power and data to be routed through the same Ethernet cable to electrical terminals. While in 2003, the year it was launched, the voltage delivered reached 13 watts, now it has evolved a lot to deliver 26 watts today in addition to a data rate of 100 Mbit/s or 1 Gbit/s. Other higher powers exist but remain little used to this day.

The players in the construction industry understood very early this innovation, seeing all the interest it represented. The revolution was that having to pull only one cable was a substantial cost savings while ensuring greater scalability and making it easier to expand or relocate electrical terminals.

Today, POE technology goes hand in hand with the notion of Smart Building, since it makes it possible to easily power and connect all kinds of connected objects (camera, intercom, telephone, wifi, etc.) from a single computer bay. Since 2010, POE technology has even seen its standard evolve towards an ecological consideration, important to the Smart Building, thanks in particular to an automatic standby mode which drastically reduces consumption.


ESII adopts this technology by offering a new range of POE products, the first representative completes our display offering and is called LCD Display POE. We choose the POE for several reasons:

– The economic argument already mentioned above is undeniable for our customers.

– POE technology offers real simplicity during installation (we generally install in already finished buildings) and when moving our terminals, a single cable is sufficient connecting the POE switch and the equipment.

– The safety constraints are lower than to deploy electric cables in places open to the public, the presence of an electrician is not required during installation.

– Maintenance is simplified since, in the event of a malfunction, only one cable must be checked. This has fewer connections than a conventional electrical installation, thus simplifying and speeding up operations.

– The POE power is an international standard that ease the installation of our solution worldwide. No more socket compatibility!

The POE LCD Display and the kiosk Keo-e therefore mark the entry of ESII into the POE era before the development of other projects.

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