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Any person who has once subscribed for a transit pass can testify about the crowd in the agencies on certain period. Indeed, renewing or creating its annual transport title takes time and requires to be physically present in front of an agent. So, it’s impossible to address people to a website as the other administration or public services do.

The crowd becomes bigger because of the new services offered by public transport operators to make the journey in the city easier. Thus, car and bike rental or parking add up to the traditional activities of these companies. To be more effective, this package of services must be interconnected, easy to use every day and mobile to match with the current usages.

As the large number of visitors is core business to the transport company, the solutions to improve the customer experience must be integrated in the offer of services and intuitive to not complicate the processes.

Online appointment

As the customer must to come in the agency, the better way to improve his experience is to let him choose the best time for his visit. With the online appointment solution Orion Appointment, the public transport operator can add an appointment plug-in to its web site or its mobile app. The interface, customizable to the colors of the company, makes appointment booking easy and intuitive.

When connecting to the app or the web site, the customer sees all the agencies that receive visitors by appointment and can consult the available slots in these different places.

Mobile App

The Smartwait™ solution enables the public transport operator’s app to geolocate and to show in real time the waiting time in the agencies. The user can then decide to go immediately to the agency where he can take a virtual ticket indicating the time he would like to come in. Then, he comes to the reception to be taken care of immediately.

These solutions integrated into the digital world of the company respond flexibly to its needs. The advantage here will be to inform the clients in real time so that time can be allocated to avoid peaks and large queues.

These problems and solutions were proposed during the job we carried out for the TaM, the transport authority of the Agglomeration of Montpellier and for the STGA, transport authority of Angouleme. So, there is the solutions we installed in their four agencies. To know more about these solutions, you can watch the video below :

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