A Better Reception Management In Pharmacies

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pharmacyAccording to a recent study, the quality of reception is the second reason for choosing a pharmacy. But customer reception management can be complicated.  Customers may come with or without prescriptions, for a simple advice or for hygiene products.  How to ensure high quality reception and rapid service when you have so many different requests in a same point of sale and advice?

Identify customers’ requests

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It may be judicious to separate customers depending on their request when they arrive. We could think of several lines: one for people with prescriptions, another for advice and hygiene products, etc. These lines can be virtualized thanks to a touchscreen dispenser allowing customers’ check-in and direction according to their request.

Free customers from waiting times

The interactive kiosks represent the end of queue lines behind the desk. The customer is given a calling ticket and is able to take full advantage of waiting time to continue their purchases in the sales area. This solution represents benefits for both parts: more satisfaction for the customers since the service is faster, an increased average basket and a better management of resources for the pharmacist.

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Offer services by appointment

In its Guidance on patient confidentiality the General Pharmaceutical Council says: “It is essential that you take steps to protect the confidential information you are given in the course of your professional practice. You must (…) take steps to prevent accidental disclosure of confidential information.” One of the possible solutions is to ensure confidentiality of patients is to offer reception by appointment on the Internet. The customers can choose the day, the reason of their coming (dietary or esthetic advice, diagnostic, etc.) and be received in complete confidentiality.

Find the appropriate solution

eMailing_Pack-Start-pharma_EN decoupeSeveral solutions exist to improve reception management in pharmacies. For pharmacies desiring to make their first steps in this domain, the newly created Pack Start matches perfectly.  In this pack, you will find a touch screen dispenser, a LED display to call customers, 3 call boxes for the employees and a mobile application for the manager allowing them to follow in real time the activity of their pharmacy and to consult statistics.

More sophisticated solutions also exist for pharmacies of bigger size and already accustomed to reception management.

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