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The pharmacy market in France is in the process of restructuring with, first, the reinforcement of the role of the pharmacist as the first health contact (vaccination, privacy box…) and on then, the financial problems of small downtown pharmacies. Thus, pharmacies merge to increase the sales area.

So, on the customer side appears a fear of losing the human contact and forward the fear of becoming an anonymous customer among the others like at the supermarket. This opens an era of reflection for pharmacists, the need to respond to the new challenges of a changing society and to integrate the customer experience into the heart of their business.

Among all the solutions available to improve the customer experience in pharmacy, we will focus more particularly on those related to the wait and the customer journey.

The ESII’s idea was that we should give the possibility to the customer to browse in the retail space rather than block him in a queue line. That said, we have thought to our ticket and video call solutions. Proven and effective systems. But we wanted to go further, we wanted customers to take the time to look at different products, to not even have to check their call on a screen. So, we designed Weasy!

Weasy is a connected card with a screen that allows to communicate in real time with the customer. He takes it in the entrance and sees the waiting conditions (for example “4 peoples before you” or “wait time 7 minutes”). Then, he has time to browse the store, inquire about the current offers No need to worry about his turn, the Weasy card vibrates and indicates on its screen the meeting point to proceed to.

Weasy frees the customer from the wait and improve working conditions by reducing the stress generated by a long queue line. This solution is powered by Orion in SaaS mode that ensure constant update and scalability with our queue management solution. Appointments making, queue line dedicated to the click & collect, etc. can be easily added to adapt to the pharmacy’s services offer.

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