Twana™ XL: admissions kiosk

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There are two effects that deeply changed reception in hospital, the first one is the increase of in-patient surgery [1] and the second is the digital development. Many tools were created to make the admissions seamless and much easier such as the interactive kiosks dedicated for the admission[2].

Thanks to its experience in hospitals (more than 542 hospitals equipped worldwide), ESII created an interactive kiosk on which patients can make their admissions. Our Twana™ XL is part of the patient journey we created to track the patient during his stay, from the admission to the invoice payment.

With its innovative and advanced features, the multi-features Twana™ kiosk allows the patient, his accompanying person or ambulances to make their admissions. He can identify himself with an appointment code, a QRCode or a health insurance card, scan and send a document, print adhesive label or another useful document. After his admission, the patient is added to the queue and he is directed easily and received in better conditions. When he leaves the hospital, he can pay the bill on the kiosk.

This Twana™ XL interactive kiosk improves the patient reception by accelerating the check-in process and by increasing comfort with appropriate signage. For the staff, the automation of some administrative tasks and control of patient flow in real time optimize working conditions.

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