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quality of work life

The 2021 Quality of Life at Work week runs from June 17 to 21. At ESII we are very involved in this topic and that is why we decided to talk to you about QWL within ESII.

Before going any further, we will take a few minutes to define the QWL and to understand all the themes that compose it. It can be defined as a feeling of well-being at work which involves criteria such as working conditions, interest for the work, involvement, autonomy, equality or the right to make mistakes. With an appropriate QWL policy, all these elements can be improved while favoring the company performance.

Several levers can be activated to bring out this improvement, including, without being exhaustive, encouraging socialization, allowing the flow of information, respecting professional equality, improving the quality of the professional environment, balancing professional and private life. …

At ESII we have grouped all our actions into 2 main categories which are the quality and efficiency of relations and working conditions. So, let’s look at these in more detail:

Quality and effectiveness of relationships:

  • Service, strategy, and governance meeting: each department of the company sets these 3 types of meeting where everyone can express their ideas, the blocking points in their mission, areas for improvement …
  • Company strategy: twice a year a general meeting is organized with all ESII employees (from head office, agencies in France and international subsidiaries) in order to review the performance of the company and expose the perspectives. In addition, the annual strategy is posted in each department.
  • Involvement of employees in the various steering and strategy committees, cross-functional poles, etc.
  • An intranet bringing together all the information useful to employees (supports, documentation, quality reports, etc.).
  • Regular communication about vacations, days off and salary policy.
  • Dedicated suggestion box for the employee representative committee and the CSR.
  • Dynamic organization chart including the reasons, roles and functions of each person in his position.
  • Complete integration process for new co-workers.

Working conditions

  • Work-life balance: home office, flexible hours, days off, part-time
  • Working group for the development of common spaces: kitchen, relaxation room, artistic project for the installation of works of art …
  • Awareness against harassment.
  • Actions against potential risks to safety and health.
  • Management of employee stress.
  • Equipment intended for the well-being of employees: gym, reading area, furnished terrace, etc.
  • Coaching of managers to support them in team management.
  • Annual performance review with the assessment know-how and the social skills to set targets.
  • Promote the development of employees, including internally between different departments.

These principles have also proved to be very useful in dealing with a crisis situation like the one we are going through: the working methods introduced through our QWL approach have made it possible to better face the uncertain context and to meet a permanent adaptation need.

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