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In the current health context, it is essential to avoid groups of people. ESII, the French leader in managing customer flows and reception of the public for more than 35 years, offers varied and efficient reception solutions to make visitors’ journeys more efficient, eliminate queues, speed up transactions and empty waiting rooms:

  • Online appointment booking
  • Online ranking (virtual ticket)
  • Video-conference reception
  • Phygital interactive terminal (remote and shared reception)
  • Touchless interactive kiosks
  • Single line at checkouts,
  • click and collect

Our global solutions optimize reception and guarantee customer satisfaction with safer queues integrating solutions adapted in response to the Covid-19 epidemic.

Our solutions can help:

  • Organize the reception quickly and simply
  • Reduce the spread of the virus by limiting physical contact
  • Reduce queues
  • Respect the rules of social distancing

More generally, at ESII our business project has always been at the heart of the company and we are all linked to it by our mission: The idea is to align the interests of the company, of the partners, of the directors and of the collaborators around of a common purpose.

Our baseline « Your Time is Priceless” means that we innovate for a serene, personalized and safe customer experience. It is not just a sentence: We all really act for our mission, we are reliable, involved and innovative and offer real benefits to society with all our actions aimed at saving time for our customers and their visitors / customers, the seamless relations linked to the reception of people, customers …, with the maximum of serenity , personalization and security and all this in a company that is liberated, educated and drives its actions of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and QWL (Quality of Working Life); the time saved is an asset that allows us to do something else useful, essential, noble. Serenity is priceless other than what we give to the meaning of our lives.

ESII is focused on its mission in direct line with its “purpose” and its values.

ESII wants to participate in changing the world, from within and at our level, to make it more educated, more ethical, more responsible, more universal, always with a concern for the positive impact of our actions on the society.

The purpose of ESII is much more than the sole sharing of profit or the sole realization of a saving; ESII thus aims to reconcile two concepts which are the need for sustainability and the pursuit of broader objectives of general interest.

We have been key leaders in our job of reception management and elimination / improvement of waiting lines for 38 years.

We provide our customers and partners with long-lasting and well-thought-out solutions. The « French Touch » in terms of design allows us to offer products and solutions combining elegance, simplicity and efficiency with the maximum functional benefits for our clients and their clients.

Futhermore our reception solution, our customers select us for our work to make their activity easier and our commitment to society and the environment.


ESII is a reasonably liberated company with strong involvement in CSR through its action plan covering the entire perimeter of the ISO 26000 standard and in QWL through its QWL action plan.

At ESII, we strive to constantly improve our actions in a rapidly changing competitive environment, while remaining true to our commitments: Our core values, our purpose and roles, our internal rules and our code of conduct.

Our vision brings together different roles, economic, social, environmental where we work in the general interest of all:

  • Defending jobs

(professional integration, local networks, etc.)

  • Innovation and creativity

(efficient, lasting, repairable solutions, etc.)

  • Business and know-how

(Responsive after-sales service, dedicated project managers, networks of installers, training, etc.)

  • Collective interest

(reflection and collective action, lean management, etc.)

  • Responsible purchasing

(quality of customer-supplier relationships, quality label, etc.)

  • Considering the challenges for the future of our planet

(reduction of the carbon footprint, ecological approach, etc.)

Good relationships with our partners, customers, governments and other interested parties are the keys to our success. We can help build healthy relationships by acting with honesty, integrity, and respect for others.


Because we maintain a permanent dialogue with our customers, we understand their needs and anticipate their expectations.

After listening and thinking (our Marketing / Innovation uses design thinking and collaborative exchange with dozens of people at ESII), our R&D department mobilizes around thirty people to offer innovative products that make “tomorrow better than today « .

ESII products have been designed to be robust, efficient and low power consumption. We carefully assess their cost of use (optimization of ticket dispensing for touch screens kiosks, training time, etc.) and we favor the total repairability of our products.

Design: modern, fully customizable, or even integrable, which allows us, for example, to be present exclusively worldwide at Nespresso.

Easy for everyone: wireless, embedded website, functions for people with disabilities, configuration tools, optimized ergonomics

Centralized multiple site: feature that allowed us to win the last largest European market against our competitors

International recognition: Certification by large international groups (Category A Supplier Referencing by Morpho – Safran Group, world leader in digital security, SMETA Certification for business ethics and compliance with social laws by Nespresso – Nestlé Group, the leading food group world specialized in Nutrition, Health, Wellness).

Our large customers, in France as in other countries, who have the necessary feedback to use the  functionalities related to reception and elimination of waiting lines have tested and are still testing the various solutions offered and ESII is for them the reference: For many years, we have been equipping all social security agencies, family allowances offices, taxes, employment and unemployment insurance, most other public services and communities, many hospitals, clinics and pharmacies and all major stores in the world Nespresso, FNAC, Decathlon, Carrefour…

5 stars Services:

We go beyond the setup of your solution. We offer you an active partnership so that the reception of your customers is a success every day (adapted training, 2-year legal warranty concerning compliance and hidden defects with 1-year commercial warranty including on-site intervention, low TCO, all-inclusive maintenance contract).

We make parts available for at least 10 years and we are committed to « repairability » for at least 10 years, because our products are designed to be long-lasting, robust and reliable.

ESII is the only partner to offer you an all-inclusive maintenance contract:

  • Priority and unlimited access to our phone platform with privileged access code
  • Direct access to our expert technicians (analysis, advice, remote handling, etc.)
  • Toll free number
  • Intervention by technical team and network of approved installers throughout France (Metropolitan France and overseas departments) in 16 working hours maximum regardless of your location
  • Total free labor and parts (Stock of materials available for installers)
  • Travel costs included in your contract
  • Free remote assistance on the use and configuration of software, kiosks and other hardware
  • Free software version update (in the same major software version)

We thus guarantee the quality and responsiveness of our material installations and after-sales service.

Our efficient after-sales service responds to your calls in less than 40 seconds and takes care of your requests.

Our products and services are available in around fifty countries. Also, in order to be as close as possible to our customers and our markets, our solutions are translated into 5 different languages.

Internationally, we offer our customers a sales and service network that is among the largest in the customer reception management industry.

ESII customers all over the world benefit from our proximity, our speed of reaction and our ability to adapt to local needs.

Beyond the products offered, ESII supports you throughout your process of optimizing reception thanks to a turnkey, fully operational solution:

  • Personalized advice
  • Dedicated sales engineer
  • Project manager for large deployments or integrations
  • Installation and setup
  • Complete training
  • On-site assistance at opening
  • Preventive maintenance on site

Special Covid Solutions:

The Covid crisis has given rise to a multitude of products and services offering dematerialized reception that seems identical to our Orion offer with remote or dematerialized appointments and “take your turn” by scanning a QR code; these solutions typically serve their primary purpose, but rarely have the functional power and openness of our Orion solution to operate properly in all situations.

Our global solutions aim to optimize reception and guarantee customer satisfaction with safer queues integrating solutions adapted in response to the Covid-19 epidemic.

In the current health context, it is essential to avoid groups of people. ESII, the French leader in people flow management for more than 35 years, offers Orion to make visitors’ journeys more efficient, eliminate queues, speed up transactions and empty waiting rooms.

Our solutions can help you

  • organize yourself quickly and easily
  • reduce the spread of the virus by limiting physical contact
  • reduce queues
  • respect the rules of social distancing

Virtual ticket

Customers check in very easily in a virtual queue using the QR code you provided them or which is available on your premises or displayed and receive a guaranteed call time, processed similarly to the day appointments.

They will receive an SMS and / or a notification when your employees are ready to call them.

– Elimination of queues in front of the store and other departments or checkouts.

– Preserves the safety of customers and staff

– Encourages social distances for clients and staff

Single line

Our single queue solution helps speed checkout while maintaining safety distances.

Customers wait in a single queue with respect to safety distances, as soon as a checkout is available, the next customer is called thanks to the screen and the audible announcement.

A virtual ticket can also be taken for reception in dedicated checkouts.

No queue in front of each checkout forcing customers to go through the middle of the lines to reach a checkout.

Online appointment

(Combinable and in harmony with other access modes: Virtual ticket, choice of purposes on a kiosk, etc.)

ESII allows clients to make an appointment from a website, receive an SMS and / or email confirmation of their appointment and simply come on time for their appointment.

Messages can be personalized to communicate the details of the appointment with reminders of important information during COVID-19.

Customers can wait at home, at work or anywhere else,

Your waiting room will be empty, and you will fight contagion.

Click & Collect

Our picking solution helps you manage orders collection, purchase pickup and “drive thru” appointments.

Direct smartphone notifications allow your customers to wait in their cars or outside and

-to be called only when it is their turn

-to wait in their car while waiting for an employee to come and give them their order

Videoconference appointment

The solution allows the setting up of a videoconference interview following an appointment between a client and an advisor.

Allows you to limit journeys on site to carry out procedures.

And are processed the same way that phone appointments.

Phygital kiosk

Audio-video connection solution from a kiosk between a visitor and remote reception staff. Allows to limit physical interactions.


  • No physical interaction
  • One or more staff for several sites
  • Easy to use

Hygiene measures

In this exceptional context, it is essential to

  • respect barrier gestures
  • implement simple measures to fight against the spread of the virus in your facility
  • and reassure your visitors.

Our self-service ticket machines and kiosks from the Twana and KEO range have the

  • Possibility of integrating a hydroalcoholic gel dispenser.
  • Antivirus treatment of touch screens.
  • Operation of kiosks by voice or with hands free devices
  • Protective bags for connected Weasy customer calling cards.

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