How The Slow Life Trend Interferes In Our Professional And Private Lives

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In a world that is always changing and evolving, in which everything goes faster (transportation, media, etc.), we sometimes feel like we’re undertaken and are missing simple moments of our life. We need to slow down … hurrah for Slow Life*! The Slow Life movement is rich and we won’t describe it in this post. We are going to focus on how companies consider well-being at work for its staff, and how brands care for the consumers’ one.

*The central tenet of the slow philosophy is taking the time to do things properly, and thereby enjoy them more.

Well-being at work, companies’ new motto

Who’s never heard of stress at work, burn-out or even bore-out? Employees are under pressure. Companies are increasingly aware of this discontent and mobilize to fight this 21st century suffering. For human and social reasons first, but also for economic reasons…

Because, as a Forbes article mentioned it: “We’re at the beginning of a sea-change in attitudes toward work. So shorter work weeks and Slow Cities won’t be mainstream tomorrow. But there are plentiful signs of the shift. Sweden has moved to the six-hour work day. Imaginative U.S. companies such as 37signals and Treehouse have put in place and maintained four-day weeks, noting an improvement in staff retention and output quality. Even Carlos Slim, the world’s richest person, has recently called for a 3-day work week and Google is increasingly experimenting in lowering hours and thus increasing employee creativity and efficiency.”

ESII’s management board put well-being at work and more globally f-form company at the heart of their strategy.  To enable their staff to work in optimum conditions and because their well-being is a major stake, they chose to offer working tools and places that are both functional and adapted.

Favor local production, be environmental friendly … we want to “well” consume and take our time

Have more time for oneself and for our friends and family, go to “tech rehab” are needs that we all feel once in our life. This Slow Life website very well described it: “Most of us today are consumed with speed. We work quickly, play quickly, love quickly – all while multi-tasking. We drive in the fast lane and eat fast food. We text instead of talk, pursue quantity instead of quality, and swallow life whole instead of taking the time to savor it.”

In ESII, we’ve understood this … beyond managing waiting lines, we do our best to improve visitors and customers’ well-being. We take their time, stress and priorities into account so they have a smoother visit and pleasant experience. Indirectly, we help facilities (stores, administrations, pharmacies, hospitals, etc.) to improve their customers’ life quality and thus the trust they share. For instance, among the top 15 worldwide and French brands that are the more influent on the French people’s life quality, 3 are ESII’s customers (Havas Group survey, LSA article).

And because consumers care about “Made in France”, all our products consume little energy and are entirely manufactured in France. ESII has been awarded the Origine France Garantie label, a reflection of its quality, reliability and overall environmentally and socially responsible policy.

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