[EN] E-commerce: The Old Enemy Has Become the Best Ally For The Traditional Stores

web to store

With the growing number of commercial sites and the smartphones and social networking progress, web-to-store is now part of customers shopping routine. Whether to search for information on a product, identify resellers, compare prices and products or read reviews: Internet is now an integral part of the customer journey. But if this integration of the web in the customer journey is relatively recent, e-commerce has existed for over 20 years. Today the line between e-commerce and traditional brick and mortar stores is very thin, what are the different ways used to attract customers from the web to the store? Lire la suite


[EN] Why You Cannot Escape Satisfaction Surveys



It’s well-known: “the customer is king”. And they know it. Today more than ever, companies need to stay a step ahead of their customers to ensure they don’t get tired and won’t visit the neighboring competitor. Constantly measuring customer satisfaction is essential to maintain this step ahead, and retailers are more and more to use it (Walmart, luxury brands, etc.).

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