[EN] E-commerce: The Old Enemy Has Become the Best Ally For The Traditional Stores

web to store

With the growing number of commercial sites and the smartphones and social networking progress, web-to-store is now part of customers shopping routine. Whether to search for information on a product, identify resellers, compare prices and products or read reviews: Internet is now an integral part of the customer journey. But if this integration of the web in the customer journey is relatively recent, e-commerce has existed for over 20 years. Today the line between e-commerce and traditional brick and mortar stores is very thin, what are the different ways used to attract customers from the web to the store? Lire la suite


[EN] The Rise of ‘Click and Collect’

Image_clickandcollect_ukmnClick and collect is becoming one of the most promising trends in the retail. But what is it? Harry Wallop at the Telegraph explains; You, the customer, buy something online. Then, rather than wait for the postman to ring the doorbell three days later, you go to the shop and collect it yourself.”

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