[EN] French Private Hospitalization Federation Releases A Guide On Patient Reception Best Practice


Optimizing reception for patients and their journey is a key challenge for hospitals which are increasingly interested in reception management. Aware that the patient’s well-being is paramount, the FHP (French Private Hospitalization Federation) has just released a guide on how to properly receive patients: “Small Things For the Patient’s Well-Being “.

Several subjects in this booklet match ESII’s healthcare solutions …

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[EN] 3 Tips To Optimize Patient Flows in Emergency Department

UrgencesManaging the Emergency Department is quite an achievement: worried patients and relatives, stressed care staff and overcrowded waiting rooms. Each year, in the United States, 136.3 million patients go to the ED (source: www.cdc.gov).   Providing patients with adapted medical care while optimizing resource management is a daily challenge for hospitals. See how to improve patient flows in ED in three tips.

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[EN] Better Manage The Patient Journey

A caring profession

More and more hospitals are interested in the patient flow management and in the improvement of their reception quality. Optimizing the patient journey has become a major issue. Hospitals receive people under stress and must continually face many challenges: Reduce wait times, better manage costs, simplify management and improve patient satisfaction. In recent years, hospitals have modernized their equipment. But what are the possible factors for optimizing the patient journey? How to implement them? Lire la suite

E-health: are you connected?


You may have never heard of “e-health” even though it is already part of your life! According to a recent Google study, 84% of patients use both online and offline sources for research. 21% book appointments via the Internet or on mobile devices. All of these new means to connect and organize our healthcare are leading us to talk about e-health rather than just health.

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