The arrival of digital transformation in the world of health

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Digital transformation in the world of health

The hospital sector is often associated with the need for efficiency, the stress of large premises and long waiting lines. This is why the sector is seeking to improve, in order to make it easier and less stressful for visitors to visit health establishments… It is in this context that the digital transition has developed.


Indeed, health establishments are setting up teleconsultation, online medical appointments, global patient relationship management platforms, etc. The entire patient pathway is becoming digital. The entire patient pathway becomes digitalized, from the moment a client is received to the moment he or she leaves the establishment.

 E-health is based on a foundation of digital solutions enabling the health sector as a whole to meet the challenges it faces:

  • Demographic challenges : an increasingly large and ageing population
  • Geographical challenges : the scarcity of health services in the countryside
  • Economic challenges : many health care facilities in France are in deficit


This change was obviously precipitated by the crisis of the covid which forced many structures to adapt. The medical sector is essential and used by all, which is why it must change its habits to get as close as possible to the uses of patients in terms of digital and technology.



The different objectives of digital in health :

  •  Promote and improve the organisation and collaboration between services to achieve greater efficiency.
  •  Facilitate the patient’s journey by making medical appointments upstream.
  •  Enable the storage of patient information in one place.
  •  Ensure security with the help of cameras, identification codes, etc.
  •  Facilitate care, for example, nurses spend 50% less time on reports thanks to the electronic patient file.
  •  Bringing healthcare staff and patients closer together: on average, doctors spend 20% more time with patients.
  •  Save money through the cloud (20% in 2015).,aux%20patients%20et%20aux%20professionnels.


ESII’s investment in this respect

ESII offers solutions for the digitalisation of the patient pathway. It is true that patients are looking to make their daily lives easier, which is why they are increasingly turning to technology.

In this sense, ESII wants to allow visitors to better organise their movements and expectations, while offering institutions a complete and satisfying patient pathway.

ESII acts every day to improve the organisation of healthcare establishments. Several solutions are available as part of the digital transformation:


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