Use case: reception in a little sales area in down-town

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Today, we will study a use case of our solution installed in a small downtown grocery store of a well-known brand. It’s Intermarché Express, the convenience store version of the supermarket, located in Rennes downtown.

Here, the problem was about the space allocated to the checkouts and the queue line. Mr. de Almeida, manager of the store, clearly exposes the facts: “downtown, we need to optimize every square centimeter, sometimes to the detriment of the customer journey. Here, the store has 2 levels and the 3 self-service checkouts are in front on the 3 traditional checkouts. The customers waited in a single line, but they didn’t understand how to do it and where to go. The nearest cashier needed to direct the customer flow by yelling all day long.”

Consulted on this item, ESII offered its eZQ™ single line solution that allows to manage the wait and to distribute the customers to the available checkout. A screen at the end of the queue displays the checkout to go to. Mr. de Almeida goes on, “the single line was the solution we waited for. The customers are reassured about the checkout process, we display the waiting time and where to go. This increases the satisfaction. »

If the wait at checkout for the customers induces less stress, “that improves also the experience” for the cashiers” and they are “more relaxed” according to the manager. He says too that “before no one wanted to work at the closest checkout to the customers knowing that he would have to direct them. Now, the customer can’t be wrong thanks to the display.”.

In this case, eZQ™ improved widely the customer experience in store by decreasing the wait to “less than 5 minutes” according to Mr. de Almeida. This installation, also, improved the work conditions for the cashiers.

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