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A trend appears since a few years, the paperless documents. One by one, all sectors are getting involved, starting with administrations, the banking sector or retail. We notice the end of the transportation tickets or the sales receipt, that will disappear in September 2020 in France for payment under 10€1, as it had been decided by the French Parliament. Regarding the transport tickets, there is an increasingly number of local authorities that offer SMS tickets to make life easier for users2. If the ecology and comfort of consumers are the major arguments in the decision of companies to digitalize paper, we can also notice that this solution saves money3.

ESII adapts its product to assist companies and administrations in a more digital experience for the visitors. To avoid paper tickets, we developed two smart solutions that work on smartphones. We noticed that 94% of French people4 are equipped with a cell phone, this ensures about the ability to use this device for as many as possible. However, these solutions can be integrated within a journey with a paper ticket.

Smartwait™: digital ticket on mobile app

We can describe Smarwait™ as a daily appointment solution. Rather than taking a ticket on a kiosk, this solution allows the user to select his arrival time for a service within the store application.

In the application, the user can see the nearest store and check the estimated waiting time for each service. He manages optimally his time and enjoys his free time before being called with notification on his smartphone.

Smartwait™: digital ticket with QRCode

Smartwait™ allows to take a ticket on a smartphone by scanning a QRCode installed in a store. The customer selects the service he wants to access and his arrival time.


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