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After been neglected, the reception become more important for the administrations. In a store like in a city hall, it impacts the opinion a visitor forms during its visit. Beyond the image, the reception also questions the capacity to inform, direct and answer the questions of the persons coming to the city hall.

This growing concern has generated several standards that help to improve the reception of the users in the administration. Among those, Qualiville© concerns the relation between the citizens and the city hall of their town. To obtain this certification, a municipality must respect several commitments ranked by topic (reception, organization, reporting, administrative procedures…).

Several ESII’s solution easily answer these commitments. Details in this infographic:

Commitment number 1 about the appointment

Appointment City Hall

The commitment n°3 asks to provide the citizens with the possibility to make an appointment on the internet. This option must be accompanied by SMS reminders to reduce no-show.

eAppointment™ is a full web solution that is integrated and customized in the municipality website. This easy to use tool allows to set-up the automatic sending of SMS and e-mail reminders.

Commitment number 4 about the reception

City hall interactive kiosk

The commitment number 4 recommends the continuity of the reception during the opening hours. Our interactive kiosks solve easily this problem. They allow to welcome, inform and direct the users whatever their arrival time.

LCD Display

Always in the commitment number 4, the agent must be easily identifiable for the visitors. The name and the service of an agent can be displayed with the LCD displays and it can be changed if the agents change of counters.

Commitment number 5 about the waiting time

eSirius software

The commitment number 5 is about the management and the improvement of waiting. ESII offers several solutions to optimize the waiting lines with the ability to see in real time the statistics (number of person waiting, average waiting time, purpose of the visit….). So, the resources can be managed at any moment to regulate the visitors flow.

Display city hall esii

The commitment number 5 asks to display the waiting conditions in the city hall. Thanks to the solutions seen previously, the waiting time can be displayed, in real time on video screen or printed on a ticket.

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