What Quality Commitments For City Halls?

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accueilRegarding the increasingly demanding expectations in terms of reception from users, city halls have now the opportunity to get some certifications guaranteeing the quality of their services. Among them, you can find the label Qualiville or the Marianne standard. For these labels, the city must, if it is not, upgrade their reception to facilitate orientation, information and communication with the citizens. What solutions exist?

Making Internet appointments

toulouseWelcome the user starts before his arrival at the city hall. Offer an easy to use website, where you can make an appointment for one or more services in a few clicks is now unavoidable. The idea is easy: once on the website of the city hall, the user selects the service and the date that best correspond to their requests. The system provides him time slots according to reserved slots and appointments already made. He receives a confirmation or reminder of his appointment by email and / or SMS. Cities such as Toulouse offer this type of appointment making.

 Dematerialization of legal documents display

infokioskCommitting to reception quality is not only improving the public reception but also facilitate agents’ job. Among recent innovations on the market, legal display’ touch screens start to be installed in city halls. These terminals are designed to replace the mandatory legal paper display (wedding announcements, building permits …) by digital files on a touch screen. The city then supports an ecological approach (no more paper waste) and saves time for agents. On the user side, the information is easily searchable, 24/7.

Digital signage

mur image« An appropriate signage to inform and welcome », this is one of the criteria for the Qualiville label. Information and reception are linked to efficient signage: signs, displays and especially communication screens. One of the advantages of the screens is that they can broadcast several contents dynamically: call next user and waiting time conditions when managing queues, institutional communication, weather forecasts, maps… Easily administrable by the manager, the content published guides, informs and reassures the visitor. Some citys such as Lille have gone even further by installing a video wall (multiple monitors) on their premises to enhance the impact of their communication.

With these solutions, the City agrees to receive their citizens in better conditions and be in a process of continuous quality. Agents work in a serene environment and visitors are reassured as they are taken care of before, during and after their journey.

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