An innovative customer journey in supermarkets

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With the click & Collect era, supermarkets have to be innovative to attract customers in their stores and offer them an optimized customer journey with a better customer experience. There are more and more services available and solutions exist to support the customers all along their journey, before their arrival and until their exit.

From the supermarket to the bank and insurance agency

banque assuranceThe number of supermarkets offering banking and insurance services is constantly increasing. The offers may be interesting since the services and guarantees are often the same compared to an usual bank or insurance agency (sometimes even superior) and the costs far less expensive. But it is not an easy thing to make people stop at the bank/insurance agency service of a supermarket when they are coming for shopping. Several solutions exist; they can book an appointment online or via a smartphone for instance. That way the passive wait is avoided, the customers can continue their shopping while waiting for their turn and being alerted by SMS that they will soon be called (They had received previously a SMS to remind them that they have an appointment and the list of documents to bring with them).

One supermarket, several stores

The tendency is to create different universes just like different stores (for jewelry, flowers or pharmacy products). In order to optimize the customer experience, it is possible to install a solution allowing the customers to book their turn in a virtual queue via an interactive kiosk. With a ticket or a SMS, the customers know that they will be called and are able to continue to shop.

The comeback of deli counters

Abandoned for a long time to self-service counters, the deli counters are coming back. If delithe customers appreciated the advice and good quality services, the deli counters suffered from an image of expensive products and above all waiting lines discouraged the customers. Innovative solutions put these counters back on stage, offering a better customer experience. Thanks to a self-service interactive kiosk the customers select the counters they want to go to. If they have selected several counters (deli, meat, fish, cheese, etc.) the kiosk informs them with the waiting time for the first counter and organizes the quickest itinerary through the different counters. They receive a single ticket with their calling time and/or a SMS informs them of their imminent call.

The importance of the check-out process

ezqThe check-out process is the last move for the customers, it is what they will remember the most of their journey. Supermarkets know that it is important to offer solutions to improve the customer experience at this moment and to reduce waiting time.  After the self-service check-outs, single line queues are developing. The eZQTM single line queuing solutions has already been installed in several stores, it improves productivity of cashiers and reduces waiting times by an average of 30%, thus increasing customers’ satisfaction.

 Take the customers’ opinion into account

Today more than ever, in order to have a step ahead on the next tendency and assure customers’ loyalty it is necessary to offer a service matching their expectations and showing them they are being listened to. Solutions to collect customers’ satisfaction are very present on the point of sales. The Qwesteo kiosks allow collecting customers’ opinion thanks to simple questions and smileys for answers. Another solution, Qualii, sends surveys by email. The software is correlated to the solution of customer reception management, and allows sending a survey just after the customers’ visit. These two solutions provide accurate analysis reports in real time and thus allow being reactive according to the customers opinion.



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