Finance: The New Customer Journey

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Today, digital media is everywhere; in healthcare, the retail sector, and the public sector –not to forget finance! Retail banking is currently going through a complete transformation; banks must adapt to the Internet generation and fierce competition to expand their customer base and be the ‘bank of the future’. Following a customer’s journey with a bank illustrates this new trend.

Finding the right bank: Research & compare on-line

In a same way as with choosing a supermarket for the weekly shop, the customer journey with a bank begins with research. A client will start by finding out more about several banks, comparing their offers as well as their reputations on social networks before coming to a decision.

Booking an appointment with a financial advisor

IBAHaving decided on which bank best meets their needs, a customer will need to arrange an initial appointment with an advisor. Several banks are now going beyond traditional means of contact (in-branch, over the phone, by e-mail), instead offering customers online consultations with a financial advisor. This allows the client to choose the service, the date and time slot that best suit them for their appointment. For customers with access to online banking, appointments can be booked in just a few clicks with no need to specify branch or advisor details!

This effective solution has already been put in place at the International Bank of Azerbaijan and has where it has proved very popular among customers.

Attending a branch

To encourage customers to come in to their local branch, banks must be at the forefront of technological innovation while maintaining a consistent customer service.  Services such as customer “check-in” at interactive kiosks and digital signage installed in-branch are an effective way to facilitate the customer journey. Some banks have also used this technology to ask customers to provide feedback by text, email or using an interactive kiosk. In this way, they can analyse customer satisfaction to improve overall customer service.

Keeping in touch with your bank

Banks must strive to appeal to new client bases. Many have decided to capitalise on the role digital technology plays in our lives by offering a mobile banking app allowing customers to access their accounts whenever and wherever they want.

To respond more quickly to client enquiries, retail banks have established a significant social media presence, meaning they can provide a completely personalised customer service. Customers can now contact their bank 24/7.


French Bank La Société Générale has set up a website dedicated to customer service, with a response on twitter guaranteed within 30 minutes.

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