5 projects for stores


In a recent article, LSA deals with a survey made on 5 000 Europeans customers by ShopperTrak. The findings show 5 ways to improve the customer experience in the stores. Lire la suite


[EN] The Longer The Line, The Shorter The Wait

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Retailers hate waiting lines and wait in general, around the world. Endless queues at check-out counters scare shoppers off, and make stores lose money. To reduce wait, several methods have been tested but one in particular is being successful: single line queuing.

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[EN] E-commerce: The Old Enemy Has Become the Best Ally For The Traditional Stores

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With the growing number of commercial sites and the smartphones and social networking progress, web-to-store is now part of customers shopping routine. Whether to search for information on a product, identify resellers, compare prices and products or read reviews: Internet is now an integral part of the customer journey. But if this integration of the web in the customer journey is relatively recent, e-commerce has existed for over 20 years. Today the line between e-commerce and traditional brick and mortar stores is very thin, what are the different ways used to attract customers from the web to the store? Lire la suite

[EN] How To Manage The Crowds In Stores During The Holiday Season?


For several years rate of frequentation skyrockets in December and even doubles the previous week of Christmas. The beginning of the rush starts each year with the Black Friday in the United States, a retail event that comes to France for the first time. How retailers can manage this influx without damaging the customer experience? Lire la suite

[EN] An innovative customer journey in supermarkets



With the click & Collect era, supermarkets have to be innovative to attract customers in their stores and offer them an optimized customer journey with a better customer experience. There are more and more services available and solutions exist to support the customers all along their journey, before their arrival and until their exit.

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[EN] Mobile reception: consumers’ expectations

tablettelThe customer journey is constantly evolving and adapting to the trends. Nowadays, the tendency is to be connected, and in that way more and more points of sales offer their customers a personalized experience thanks to mobile reception – mostly with touchscreen tablets. What is the origin of this trend? What are the benefits? Lire la suite

[EN] Cross-Channel, a Must!

illustration-cross-canal-photo-700x388Today there is a general trend toward cross-channel. This strategy creates a real buzz and represents a recurring topic among the different conferences and fairs. Most of web users now browse the Internet via several devices and the way they are doing it evolves along the day. Smartphone in the morning, traditional computer or laptop in the afternoon and tablet in the evening; Internet browsing has become multi-platform and multiform and leads to an evolution of consumers’ requests.

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[EN] Why You Cannot Escape Satisfaction Surveys



It’s well-known: “the customer is king”. And they know it. Today more than ever, companies need to stay a step ahead of their customers to ensure they don’t get tired and won’t visit the neighboring competitor. Constantly measuring customer satisfaction is essential to maintain this step ahead, and retailers are more and more to use it (Walmart, luxury brands, etc.).

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[EN] The End of Check-Out Lines?


Check-out process is one of the most crucial stages of the Patient Journey and the keystone of customer satisfaction. No matter where they are (supermarket, store, pharmacy, etc.), consumers dread check-out process. Self-service check-outs or express check-outs have been designed to offset this negative image. Today, some leaders in the retail industry want to go further by testing single line queuing.

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[EN] The Rise of ‘Click and Collect’

Image_clickandcollect_ukmnClick and collect is becoming one of the most promising trends in the retail. But what is it? Harry Wallop at the Telegraph explains; You, the customer, buy something online. Then, rather than wait for the postman to ring the doorbell three days later, you go to the shop and collect it yourself.”

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