ESII’s environment policy

ESII environment policy

Since 1998, ESII initiates an ecological approach to limit its environmental impact respecting the ISO standard 14 001. Since then, we improve constantly our process in all the aspects of our activity: product conception, relationship with other companies, work environment, behavior at work. Lire la suite


How The Slow Life Trend Interferes In Our Professional And Private Lives

slow life

In a world that is always changing and evolving, in which everything goes faster (transportation, media, etc.), we sometimes feel like we’re undertaken and are missing simple moments of our life. We need to slow down … hurrah for Slow Life*!

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[EN] Make It Easy To Manage Queues Thanks To Smartphones

queue management

While Disney overestimates the waiting time in queues to give a nice surprise to guests, Burger King goes a step further with a game app to win the right to skip the queue, but especially in order to reduce the perceived waiting time. This use of the smartphone in the queues is appropriate, since more than one person in two uses his phone while waiting. However, more than just offer to use it while waiting, it is possible to use it to manage the queue: this is called the virtual queuing. Lire la suite

[EN] Mobile reception: consumers’ expectations

tablettelThe customer journey is constantly evolving and adapting to the trends. Nowadays, the tendency is to be connected, and in that way more and more points of sales offer their customers a personalized experience thanks to mobile reception – mostly with touchscreen tablets. What is the origin of this trend? What are the benefits? Lire la suite

[EN] The new role of pharmacists


The pharmacist is the health care professional that the patients see the most, thus his role is developing and tend to be more and more mimportant becoming a global player in the healthcare sector. Why did the pharmacists become essential in the patients journey? What are his their new roles? What are the solutions to develop his sales?

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[EN] Cross-Channel, a Must!

illustration-cross-canal-photo-700x388Today there is a general trend toward cross-channel. This strategy creates a real buzz and represents a recurring topic among the different conferences and fairs. Most of web users now browse the Internet via several devices and the way they are doing it evolves along the day. Smartphone in the morning, traditional computer or laptop in the afternoon and tablet in the evening; Internet browsing has become multi-platform and multiform and leads to an evolution of consumers’ requests.

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