[EN] The Longer The Line, The Shorter The Wait

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Retailers hate waiting lines and wait in general, around the world. Endless queues at check-out counters scare shoppers off, and make stores lose money. To reduce wait, several methods have been tested but one in particular is being successful: single line queuing.

Single queue: how does it work?

DossierRetail-eZQ-BricolageThe principle of single line queuing is simple. A single queue is created before the line of check-outs. As soon as one check-out is available, the next customer is called (usually via a video screen and sound announcement). Thus, customers easily visualize which check-out is available! Shoppers no longer need to worry about which check-out moves faster, the system directs them automatically.

Reluctances soon forgotten

20150120_154126In various countries, single line queuing is first unwelcome by customers: this new concept is not a routine in everyday life, especially in the Retail industry. And these fears are justified: instead of seeing several “short” lines, shoppers see a way longer one. They think that waiting times are proportional to the queue’s length. And they are mistaken because, instead, waiting times are noticeably decreased!

Conclusive results

FNAC, Leroy Merlin or even Walmart have just set up single line queuing for their check-out counters and results turn out to be very positive. According to a Techhive.com article, single line queuing enables to three times faster lines, adapt the number of open check-outs according to customer flows and optimize cashier staff management.
Single line queuing means an easy and effortless check-out process and greatly reduces stress. Even if shoppers (and stores) may have preconceived ideas at first sight, they soon realize that check-out process is quicker and they no longer need to worry about which line moves faster.

To go further in customer experience improvement and queue management optimization, other innovations come out, like virtual queuing via mobile app. Click on the link to get more information: www.smart-wait.com

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