[EN] Mobile reception: consumers’ expectations

tablettelThe customer journey is constantly evolving and adapting to the trends. Nowadays, the tendency is to be connected, and in that way more and more points of sales offer their customers a personalized experience thanks to mobile reception – mostly with touchscreen tablets. What is the origin of this trend? What are the benefits?

A consumers’ expectation

Customers have definitely integrated mobile and multimedia tools to their daily life and purchasing: it can be for comparing prices, finding a shop or getting informed of waiting conditions. But today, they expect their shop to be connected as well, either for proximity tablor for more efficiency. Indeed, according to the 3rd annual survey of connected market experience: 74% of people think that in-store sales advisors would be more efficient if they had touchscreen tablets.

More intimate points of sales

The use of touchscreen tablets correspond to a trend: offer a more immersive relation to the customer, an enjoying experience, potentially generating sales. Thus, traditional stores are replaced by more intimate points of sales with more proximity with the customer. The objective is twofold: increase customer loyalty and the average basket. Actually, customers who feel like they have a special relationship, obtaining good advice and specific information will buy more and will easily come back. This is how touchscreen tablets are useful: greet, direct and inform.

 A tailored reception and proximity

vendThanks to the touchscreen tablet, the seller is more proximate since it allows guiding the customers and exchanging with them.  Customers do not deal with sellers anymore but with real advisors. The visit becomes a customized experience: advisors go to meet them at their arrival and can inform and direct them efficiently according to their needs.  This is what SmartclientTM is all about, a web module specially created for touchscreen tablets and other mobile devices which ensure both calling and reception of the customers, allowing the point of sales to improve customer experience. Among its benefits: a simple identification of visitors, virtualization of the queue line and last but not least: it is very easy to use.

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